Zaor presents the Miza 49 FLEX

Zaor Miza 49 FLEX

Setting up a production workplace in tight spaces poses a special challenge. Zaor addresses this particular set of requirements with the new Miza 49 FLEX, enhancing the popular Miza series with a very compact yet versatile solution.

The Zaor Miza 49 FLEX is the most compact Miza desk ever. Little over one metre wide and only 86 cm deep, this desk fits into the smallest spaces. Due to its ingenious design, however, the Miza 49 FLEX still offers a lot of actual workspace to make the most of what little room there may be. Three levels multiply the space provided by the mere footprint of the desk. On the top shelf, computer screens and even small speakers find their space. The main desk has enough real estate for keyboard and mouse as well as additional desktop devices. Finally, the rugged pull-out tray carries smaller controller keyboards or other peripherals, holding them available while hiding them away when not needed. The amount of production gear that can be ergonomically fitted to a space as small as the Miza 49 is astonishing.

Between the main desk surface and the top shelf, the Zaor Miza 49 FLEX provides rack space for up to six processors. Preamps and audio interfaces can be conveniently mounted into the racks, always at the fingertips for quick and easy access. The space is not wasted on those with no rackmount gear, though: the desk is designed to continue the flat main desk surface beyond the racks, so if 19-inch equipment is not a part of the studio, the desk can simply be assembled without the racks, leaving two large compartments under the top shelf for desktop gear or accessories. This makes the Miza 49 FLEX particularly versatile, as any combination of two racks, one rack or no racks is possible, catering to all requirements. Every user gets the desk they need.

In addition to allowing for various rack setups, the Miza 49 FLEX also provides the customizable keyboard tray introduced with the Miza FLEX series last year. The pull-out tray can very easily be assembled at six different heights, leaving 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 or 120 mm of space between the tray and the main surface. This enables users to find their own sweet spot between sufficient space on the tray and leg room underneath. If the requirements or personal preferences change, so does the tray: its height can easily be adjusted without disassembling the rest of the Miza 49 FLEX.

As the newest addition to the Zaor Miza series, the Miza 49 FLEX inherits a lot of the renowned qualities of the larger models. Made from sturdy wood, Miza desks exude an air of authority and long-lasting dependability. Despite its compact size, the Miza 49 FLEX still conveys this feeling of steadiness, resulting from the combination of high-quality wood with expert craftsmanship. Available in Cherry Black or Wengé Grey, the Miza 49 FLEX can take a visually more commanding role in a room, or quietly meld into the interior.

The Zaor Miza 49 FLEX is available immediately.