MUTEC offers Upgrade to Ultimate 10 MHz Reference Master Clock REF10 SE120

Mutec REF10 SE120

MUTEC GmbH, manufacturer of audio equipment for studio professionals and audiophile consumers, proudly announces an attractive upgrade option.

In the interest of general sustainability and the lasting value of MUTEC products, we now offer the possibility of upgrading the proven MUTEC REF10 reference master clock to the perfected level of the REF10 SE120.

Released in autumn 2020, this special edition of the REF10 marks the absolute top in the field of reference master clocks. To our knowledge, the technical specifications of the REF10 SE120 are currently industry-leading in terms of phase noise and jitter.

Both models are based on the same technical foundation. That's why a REF10 can be transformed into the REF10 SE120 by replacing the standard oscillator with the much more elaborately manufactured, hand selected SE120 oscillator. Additional testing and calibrations are carried out so that the customer receives his REF10 back as a unit converted into a fully fledged REF10 SE120.

Mutec Chip

The upgrade towards the REF10 SE 120 offers a clear noticeable positive effect on the sound quality of your connected audio devices: aspects such as resolution, spatiality, coherence and realism gain considerably. The acoustic stage becomes even wider and the sonic depth of the instruments more concise.

"It was primarily the numerous of enthusiastic feedback we received from the users about the sonic improvements of the special version REF10 SE120 compared to the base model REF10 that prompted us to offer this upgrade. This way, REF10 owners can easily and at a fair price increase the already excellent performance of their audiophile reference master clock REF10 to the ultimate level of the special version REF10 SE120.“ - Christian Peters, MUTEC CEO

The price for the upgrade including test of the unit, final oscillator calibration and individual measurement report is 1.999,00 Euro.

The price for this upgrade with additional new front panel and new case including REF10 SE120 artworks is 2,299.00 Euro.

The upgrade is executed exclusively directly by MUTEC in Berlin.