Violectric DHA V226: high-end headphone amplifier with high-resolution DA conversion

A control centre for sophisticated hifi - made in Germany

CMA Violectric DHA V226 front

The Violectric DHA V226 follows the tradition of its DHA siblings, which first and foremost means one thing: outstanding quality. The amount of functionality integrated into the compact allrounder stands testament to the exceptional engineering feat achieved by the team around Fried Reim.

High-resolution converter, amplifiers for different types of headphones, preamplifier, control centre … a hifi chain consists of a number of components. The new Violectric DHA V226 combines all these functions in one compact case that integrates neatly into a home audio setup while providing top quality. Innovative circuits, created by the Constance-based team of developers, achieve impressive technical figures that manifest into an equally impressive sound image. The DHA V226 is no compromise, but Violectric sound in perfection.

Digital signals are fed into the Violectric DHA V226 via USB-C, running through the excellent converter circuit. At its core works a Cirrus Logic CS43131, processing audio data with up to 32 bits at 384 kHz and DSD 256 and faithfully translating it into the analogue domain. A large dynamic range of typically 130 dB and minuscule distortion of -115 dB ensures a detailed and unadulterated reproduction of high-resolution music.

Violectric is known for the extraordinary quality of the headphone amplifiers developed and built in Constance. The amp integrated into the DHA V226 lives up to this reputation. With connection options ranging from 4-pin XLR to Pentaconn and 6.3-mm jack, the V266 offers a choice of one unbalanced and two balanced formats. For true balanced operation, it employs four amplifiers. Connector type and signal balancing already provide wide-ranging compatibility, which is expanded even further with the Pre-Gain circuitry, allowing for the optimisation of the level structure for the headphone model used. The high output voltage of more than 23 Veff enables effortless operation of high-impedance headphones, while the generous output power of up to 3500 mW perfectly supports low impedances and even magnetostatic models. High attenuation and ultra-low distortion ensure particularly clean playback – a true high-end headphone experience.

The Violectric DHA V226 goes beyond headphone playback. Its two analogue RCA inputs and analogue RCA output make it the ideal central hub for the entire hifi setup. The exquisitely converted audio signal can thus be forwarded to power amplifiers or active speakers. The volume knob of the V226 can be activated or deactivated for this output, depending on the situation and personal preference. The analogue inputs allow for the connection of additional players, which will not benefit from the DA conversion, but from the delectable headphone amplifier of the DHA V226.

CMA Violectric DHA V226 back

True manufacture quality has always been a hallmark of Violectric products. The company’s own workshop in Constance sees the entire creation process of a product from the first concept to prototypes to assembling the final products. In addition to the well-trained specialists’ craftsmanship, the quality benefits from the painstaking selection of the absolute best components. The DHA V266 employs an Alps RK 27 potentiometer with a 38-mm full aluminium knob. Finest parts, exceptional know-how, innovative technology and high-end sound – the DHA V266 truly lives up to the Violectric name.

The Violectric DHA V266 is distributed exclusively through cma audio. It is available immediately via retail and the online shop at The MSRP is 1,399.00 euros.