sE Electronics introduces the DM2 TNT Active Inline Preamp

A new avenue of precision on stage and in the studio for your precious go-to dynamic & passive ribbon microphones

reProducer Epic 55 back large

Reveal subtle nuances and unique sound characteristics with explosive gain and precise load control. Fine-tune the DM2 TNT with 8 customizable settings and more gain options than its predecessor, the acclaimed DM1 DYNAMITE. At the flick of a switch, choose between a moderate +15 dB or explosive +30 dB of clean, transparent extra gain to your mic. Then, dial in an unconventionally low 50 ohms to stunningly high 10 megaohms to find the sweet spot of any passive microphone. Enhancing all your dynamic and passive ribbon microphones - perfect for podcasting, recording, or live sound, the DM2 TNT.

sE DM2 PCB inside

The DM2 TNT will arrive in stores worldwide in November, 2021 and has a price of $219.99 USD / €139 EUR.