AVT integrates RAVENNA

AVT Ravenna small

After the software-based AES67 integration for almost all AVT systems and the DANTE module, which has been available for several years, the RAVENNA module - based on DirectOut's RAV2 Module - is now also available for selected AVT systems.

"With the new module we complete our products with a native RAVENNA solution to provide our customers with the best possible integration in their studio environment", says Annemarie Hübner, Sales & Marketing Manager of Nuremberg-based AVT.

"We are also pleased that the module already supports the NMOS specifications for Discovery & Registration as well as Device Connection Management, so that an integration into large AoIP networks can be significantly simplified", continues Hübner.

The MAGIC RAVENNA module is initially available for the most powerful VoIP telephone hybrid system MAGIC THipPro. In the coming months the integration for the Quad DAB+ Encoder MAGIC AE4 and the DAB Ensemble Multiplexer MAGIC DABMUX plus will follow.

If the module is equipped in MAGIC THipPro - which is also possible subsequently for all VoIP systems already delivered - 32 x 32 additional audio channels are available via IP, which can be distributed to up to 32 network streams.

The analogue and digital audio interfaces of the MAGIC THipPro can still be used.

The AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 standards are supported, guaranteeing high compatibility with other systems.

Another special feature is the integrated stream redundancy for all ST 2022-7 classes, which effectively prevents interruptions in the audio signal caused by network problems.