Tascam Introduces the Mixcast 4 Podcast Station

Tascam mixcast4

Tascam introduces the Mixcast 4 Podcast Station. Ideal for podcast creation, live streaming, event or voice-over production, the Mixcast 4 can mix and record mic inputs, internal sounds and music triggered via the system’s sound pads, together with external audio input from a phone or PC. Mixcast 4 has a built-in 14-track recorder that writes directly to an SD card. With a rich feature set and the Tascam Podcast Editor software, the new Mixcast 4 offers a complete audio production environment from pre-production to project completion.

The Mixcast 4 provides a stress-free interface that incorporates four TRS/XLR combo jack mic inputs and four individual headphones outputs making it effortless for as many as four podcasters to interact with each another. With the included auto-mixing function that automatically adjusts optimal levels, the Mixcast 4 makes it a snap to get professional results. Combined with a 5-inch colour touchscreen that provides quick and intuitive access to desired menu settings, the system enables podcasters to focus on their content without being distracted by complex operational tasks.

Podcast Editor SoftwareUnique to the Mixcast 4 is the included original Tascam Podcast Editor software, which offers straightforward and practical waveform editing, track arming, as well as configuration of sound effects or background music and assignment to the unit’s sound pads. The software fully integrates with Mixcast 4 and offers intuitive graphics and easy operation that help users with their production, eliminating the need for experience with DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. No special driver is needed when used directly with Mixcast 4 and the software supports Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. An Android app will be available with a future update. Tascam Podcast Editor requires registering on the TASCAM ID customer experience portal. TASCAM ID will provide all registered Tascam users with the latest product support content and information, firmware update notifications, application tutorials, and more.

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The Mixcast 4 comes with eight fully customisable sound pads that are eight banks deep – providing a wealth of opportunity for one’s creative endeavours. In addition to preset sound effects, users can assign new sounds or even mic sounds that have been pre-recorded on the unit. The Mixcast 4 sound pads also allow for easy and real-time voice effects such as voice transformation, reverb and more to make live-streams and recordings even more interesting and fun.

Adding still greater flexibility, the Mixcast 4 offers several additional important functions, including a 14-input / 2-output USB audio interface for direct multi-track recording to a computer or other device, and support for a Bluetooth connection that allows recording phone calls or playing background music from paired smartphones or tablets.

In addition, the Tascam Mixcast 4 offers stereo line inputs that are selectable between standard 6.3-mm TRS and 3.5-mm TRRS to easily mix and record phone conversations or input other sound sources like musical instruments. The unit is also able to import sounds from a computer via a USB connection. Other connections include a front-panel TRRS headphones output that mirrors headphones output 1, along with balanced stereo monitor outputs and a stereo mini-jack line out.

The result is unparalleled flexibility and operational ease that must be experienced to be appreciated.