SOOPERgrail in MAY 2022

Superbooth Soopergrail 2021

Whatever the winter brings, life goes on and so exciting and new trade fairs are being planned in Berlin for the coming year:

From May 6th to 8th, 2022, the FEZ Berlin will finally and for the first time host SOOPERgrail22, a trade fair and exhibition for European and international guitar builders. SOOPERgrail22 sets an example for traditional craftsmanship and the innovative power of small and smallest manufacturers. All this is presented in combination with a concert program, workshops, product demonstrations and talks at FEZ Berlin and the surrounding park.

The many smaller rooms and individual areas of the exhibition grounds also allow for relaxed testing of the exhibited instruments directly at the stands of the exhibitors and in the natural acoustics between the trees in the outdoor area. A relaxed and communicative atmosphere is created through the selection and placement of the exhibitors - a concept that has proven itself for years at Superbooth Berlin GmbH events.

Already this year SUPERBOOTH21, as a trade fair and festival for electronic musical instruments from 15th - 18th September integrates a guitar area with selected guitar builders from the region. This way the organizers show how both fields can also symbiotically interact.

HerrSchneider: „We warmly invite exhibitors interested in SOOPERgrail22 to get in contact now to introduce themselves to us. Visitors are also welcome to get an idea of our event concept at SUPERBOOTH21 in September. We are looking forward to good conversations and new faces.“

Those who are interested in exhibiting at SOOPERgrail22, please apply now without obligation for a booth space and a good spot for next year. All others please mark the date or sign up for the newsletter.

See you in September!

SUPERBOOTH 21 15. – 18. September 2021
SOOPERgrail 22 6. – 8. May 2022

Exhibitor contact: Andre Kaufmann