EVE Audio celebrates milestone anniversary

Ten years ago, in May 2011, EVE Audio was founded in Berlin, Germany

EveAudio KerstinMischke RolandStenz
L-R: Roland Stenz, Kerstin Mischke

Although the company and the brand seemed to be new, EVE Audio’s founder and CEO, Roland Stenz was no stranger to the industry. Loaded with wealth of knowledge and more than 25 years of experience in pro audio and electroacoustic design, with passion for music as a classical musician and his aim tobring the best possible products to the market was reason enough to foundEVE Audio. It was actually no wonder but though came as a surprise to manythat when Roland Stenz rolled out this new company he presented a completerange of studio monitors consisting in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way monitors aswell as an entire range of subwoofers. All these new products had one feature in common: all are outfitted with on-board DSP technology. With this EVE Audio was at the very forefront and the first studio monitor manufacturer in the world that completely relied on inbuilt DSP. A technology that has now been adopted by all major manufacturers.

“The use of an inbuilt DSP offers many more options. For me as an engineer with my aim to design very user-friendly devices I always wanted to implement DSPs into studio monitors for greater performance and more flexibility”, sums up Stenz.

But it’s not only the DSP that made a strong impression. Stenz also believes in the Air Motion Transformer technology that was originally developed by Oskar Heil in the early 1970’s. This principle in which a folded diaphragmworks in a powerful magnetic field was in the meantime touched by some manufacturers but only got further developed by Stenz. He also designed alarge Air Motion Transformer that is unique to the main monitors from EVE Audio and a very small μAMT that is exclusively used in the desktop loudspeaker SC203.

“To me the unmatched sound reproduction an Air Motion Transformer provides is the non-plus-ultra. With some changes I was able to make to conventional Air Motion Transformers I aimed to achieve a perfect balance for high-resolution and precise but silky-smooth sound reproduction. And we are proud and grateful to say that many of our customers hear and feel the same”, Stenz adds.

One feature all studio monitors from EVE Audio have in common is the verycomfortable one push knob operation, easy to access from the front of the monitors using the SMART-Knob. “When designing a product I look at it from the user´s perspective. And the last thing I would like to do in my studio is to fiddle behind my monitors for settings, especially when those should be done precisely. This must be comfortably to reach and easily accessible, so the idea was born for a singlefront knob operation and the result is our smart-knob that we use across our product range”, says Stenz.

Ongoing research and development brought next products to the market such as a desktop loudspeaker solution SC203 and main monitors to complete theproduct portfolio. First mentioned won the Innovator Award from Japanese Rock oN magazine. Our latest innovation is a very compact 3-way system SC3070. EVE Audio celebrates the 10th anniversary with a further developed 4-way monitoring system called SC4070. Many more and other projects are to come.

Since the company was founded, EVE Audio has been able to establish a worldwide distribution network. The products are available in over 50 countries.

EVEryone at EVE Audio would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our worldwide family of BeliEVErs, partners and friends. In the next decade, we will continue to pursue our mission of developing the best possible productsfor our customers, while always advancing the progress of pro audio research through new technologies and approaches. Here’s to more audio excellence and the next decade!