New from Vienna: Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir

Vienna Symphonic Library releases new BBO Pack featuring an internationally renowned Children’s Choir

VSL BBO Ymir GUI AA small

Back in November 2020, the Vienna team asked readers on the VSL forum which library they would like to see being added as the 26th and final Big Bang Orchestra Pack. The majority voted for a children’s choir, and the Austrian company was more than happy to oblige. So today the Vienna Symphonic Library is pleased to announce the release of Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir, featuring the internationally acclaimed “Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen” children’s choir. After Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede, this is the second vocal installment of the series. It is currently available at an introductory price of €65 (reg. €95). Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir is free to users of the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle, as well as to anyone who purchases or completes his or her Big Bang Orchestra Bundle.

What’s more, to celebrate the release of the final installment, all Big Bang Orchestra Packs are available at discounts of up to 35% through May 31, 2021.

With a tradition of over 70 years, this illustrious choir has performed at the Vienna State Opera, many years at the famous “Christmas in Vienna” concerts, as well as on countless recordings with luminaries such as Leonard Bernstein, Sir George Solti, Claudia Abbado, Diana Ross, Michael Bolton, Charles Aznavour and many others. These children are no strangers to the rigors of recording and were already experienced at singing at Synchron Stage Vienna, having performed on several film score recordings including Lego Batman, Made in Abyss 3, Christmas Chronicles and others.

For Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir, 24 young voices between 8 and 14 years of age entered the stage with a joyful energy and lightheartedness that was such a delight to experience. Given the lack of performance opportunities during the pandemic, the children were very happy to be able to sing as an ensemble (in a safe environment, of course). Though sampling sessions are rarely as fun as written choir pieces, they approached the sessions with utmost focus, discipline, and professionalism, and the result is really special – the recordings shine with clarity and a soulful purity.

As with all the other installments of the Big Bang Orchestra, the ensemble was captured with an array of microphones to give users more flexibility and sound options using the Synchron Player’s internal mixer. In addition to the usual Synchron Stage mic setups including mid, Decca Tree and surround microphones, Vienna’s engineers deployed a pair of ribbon mics behind the conductor’s podium as well as front row and back row mics.

Getting the right placement and reverberation is as easy as clicking on a preset name. BBO: Ymir offers several room mixes (mix-downs from various mic positions to a stereo signal), Decca Tree, surround to stereo and real surround presets for immersive audio applications. In the “Processed” category users will find mixer presets such as Cathedral, Compressed, Room Slapback, and many more. Being recorded in the same large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna, the Children’s Choir of Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir blends perfectly well with all the other libraries of the series.