Lake People anniversary: 35 years of sound know-how and setting the course for future development

cmaaudio lake people 35 s

For 35 years, Lake People has wowed the audio world with sound innovations from Lake Constance. But instead of just looking back, the team furthers the development of the company and the portfolio – the next 35 years will be equally exciting!

When Fried Reim founded Lake People Electronic in 1986, his mission was clear: “Tools, not Toys”. He wanted to develop serious tools for professional applications. This approach is still at the core of the company today, with Lake People providing outstanding sound quality with no unnecessary gimmicks. To meet the growing demand from the hifi sector for high-quality solutions by Lake People, Fried Reim introduced the brand Violectric in 2009, translating the Lake People innovations and know-how for the home user. Today, both professionals and private users enjoy the clever circuits, the excellent craftsmanship and the fine, detailed sound of the converters and headphone amplifiers from Lake Constance.

Anniversaries offer a great opportunity to look back on what has been achieved. The sound specialists in Constance spend very little time doing so, already hard at work to accomplish the next goals. A number of products are currently being developed, some of which will further elaborate on the known strengths of Lake People, while others explore uncharted territory. One important step for these new endeavours is expanding the development staff.

Lake People celebrates its 35th birthday by strengthening the R&D department with two developers, who, in collaboration with mastermind Fried Reim, will drive the expansion of the product portfolio. News are to be expected from both the analogue and digital areas. “Tools – not Toys” will continue to be the guiding principle: clever solutions for challenges in audio technology, always in service of actual practice. This very year will see a line of products that will open new areas of audio electronics for Lake People.

In the past years, Lake People focused a lot of attention onto the brand Violectric. All new products were very much geared towards home entertainment applications. With the help of the new developers, Lake People will direct more attention to professional studio technology. In addition to new DA converters and headphone amplifiers, Lake People works on the evolution of AD conversion and microphone preamps – and products of a kind that has not been done by Lake People before.

Manufacturing by hand in the company’s own facilities in Germany is a tradition that was established over the 35 years of Lake People history and will be continued going forward. Here at Lake Constance, top-shelf components are combined in clever circuits to become outstanding tools. Such high praise is bestowed upon the Lake People manufacturing quality that Japanese company Mogami has its exquisite cables assembled by Lake People for the European market.