Vienna’s String Celebration and Free Con Sordino Expansion Set for Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye

Vienna Symphonic Library’s Bonus Sets

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The Vienna Symphonic Library announces the release of a free extension set for registered users of Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye, offering runs and clusters played con sordino. Users who are new to BBO: Black Eye can get the entire expanded library at the promotional price of €85 (reg. €130) through April 1, 2021. What’s more, the company offers promotional prices on all Synchron Series String Libraries during the month of March, 2021.

Registered users of Bang Orchestra: Black Eye, Vienna’s massive “tutti” orchestra offering phrases and FX for modern, effect-oriented composing, are free to download the all-new Con Sordino Expansion Set, a sample pack offering beautifully enigmatic and at times haunting performances of the entire 70-piece orchestra.

The Con Sordino Expansion Set includes a variety of runs and clusters, played very softly by the entire orchestra, in the range from pianississimo to mezzopiano. All string and brass ensembles play con sordino (muted), while the woodwind ensemble consists of different instruments to avoid the higher registers that would stand out from the ensemble. It includes two alto flutes, one bass flute, two English horns, one heckelphone, two bass clarinets, one contrabass clarinet, two bassoons and one contrabassoon.