MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna

Vienna Symphonic Library releases Convolution Reverb Extension for Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro

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The Vienna Symphonic Library announces the release of MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna, a convolution reverb extension for Vienna’s proprietary sample players Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro, based on their revolutionary MIR (Multi Impulse Response) technology. It is a convenient and affordable way to integrate the exceptional acoustics of Synchron Stage Vienna’s large Stage A directly into these sample players. It is currently available at an introductory price of €73 (reg. €95).

To celebrate the release of MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna, all libraries that are powered by the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players are currently available at unprecedented low prices, with discounts of up to 35% through March 1, 2021.

The MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna reverb expansion allows users to seamlessly mix their Vienna Instruments Collections with exactly the same ambience found in the landmark Synchron Series Collections, bringing all of Vienna’s award-winning instruments together under one roof.

Using pre-configured Multi Impulse Responses from Vienna MIR Pro, each instrument or ensemble will find its perfect position on stage at the touch of a button. By turning on the MIRx option in the player’s reverb window and selecting one of the presets, any instrument will be placed and aligned at its appropriate spot on stage. Creating a perfectly balanced orchestral sound has never been easier.

MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna offers two orchestral seatings: The “Portrait” presets place the instruments longitudinally on stage, with the first violins and violas on the left, second violins on the right, cellos further back on the right and basses in the middle. The sound of this traditional setup offers ample room character and leans toward a more “classical” approach. The “Wide” (landscape) presets place the instruments transversely on stage, with the second violins next to the first violins on the left, violas and cellos on the right and the basses further back on the right. The sound of this setup delivers a slightly dryer “scoring stage” character with a shorter reverb Vienna Symphonic Library releases MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna time that matches the sound of Vienna’s Synchron Libraries that were actually recorded on this very stage, such as Synchron Strings Pro and the Big Bang Orchestra Series.

Synchron Stage Vienna’s Stage A is Vienna Symphonic Library’s own scoring stage in the heart of Vienna. It features a reverb time of 1.6 to 1.8 seconds, and in contrast to other scoring stages, there is no masking effect on the low frequencies. It is characterized by a lush and warm sound, while at the same time providing excellent localization, both in depth and in the stereo panorama. Since its opening in 2015, clients from Hollywood and all over the world have recorded music for films, games, documentaries, commercials and classical recordings here. The hall’s extraordinary acoustics have been praised by composers Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Bear McCreary, to name a few, and can be heard on projects such as The Meg, Ad Astra, The Crown, Blue Planet II, and commercial projects for Apple, Rolex, Mercedes, and many others.