New DMX/CAT adapter cables with XLR by KLOTZ

Klotz DMC X3FE

With the new DMC series, KLOTZ provides professional DMX to CAT adapter cables with KLOTZ XLR and either Hirose RJ45 or Neutrik etherCON connectors.

DMX signals can also be sent via network cables without any problems. However, this requires a suitable adapter cable from XLR to RJ45. With the new DMC series, KLOTZ supplies these DMX/CAT adapter cables in different versions.

On the XLR side, you can choose between the KLOTZ XLR 3p. male and female or XLR 5p. male and female. The CAT side offers either the high-quality Hirose TM21 RJ45 connector or the robust and road-compatible Neutrik etherCON. The pin assignment of the RJ45 connector corresponds to the common ESTA standard and works with both shielded and unshielded network cables.

For the DMC series KLOTZ uses the robust and proven RamCAT cable RC5-LB1S in the standard lengths 0.3m / 0.6m / 0.9m / 1.2m / 1.5m.

The DMC series by KLOTZ is available in the following variants:

XLR 5p. male – RJ45 -> DMC-X5MR..
XLR 5p. male – etherCON -> DMC-X5ME..
XLR 5p. female – RJ45 -> DMC-X5FR..
XLR 5p. female – etherCON -> DMC-X5FE..
XLR 3p. male – RJ45 -> DMC-X3MR..
XLR 3p. male – etherCON -> DMC-X3ME..
XLR 3p. female – RJ45 -> DMC-X3FR..
XLR 3p. female – etherCON -> DMC-X3FE..

The predecessor DMX/CAT adapters are now E.O.L:

DMXK5MRJ45M -> DMC-X5MR-0030
DMXK5FRJ45M -> DMC-X5FR-0030
DMXK3MRJ45M -> DMC-X3MR-0030
DMXK3FRJ45M -> DMC-X3FR-0030