Mogami cooperates with Lake People

Cable assembly for Europe is „made in Germany“

Lake People 031 a

Mogami and Lake People – audio experts feel very familiar with these names. Both companies are characterised by the outstanding quality of their products. Since 2020, the manufacturers work closely together: Mogami cables for the European market are now assembled in the Lake People manufacture near Lake Constance.

For more than 40 years, Mogami has inspired and fascinated users with excellent audio cables. In the company’s own facility in Nagano, the high-quality cables are manufactured under critical supervision from president Koichi Hirabayashi. Fine craftsmanship combines with top-shelf materials to create cables that satisfy every wish with captivating transparency and absolute precision.

In order to live up to the quality of the cables, the impeccable assembly with connectors is a top priority for Mogami. For this reason, the Japanese company has joined forces with a partner known for its manufacturing quality: Lake People based in Constance, Germany. “I greatly appreciate this display of trust,” comments Christof Mallmann, CEO of Lake People and long-term distributor for Mogami cables in Europe with his company cma audio. “We can now finalise the excellent Mogami cables with German craftsmanship to offer the European market products of unsurpassable quality.”

Mogami cables can be found wherever high-quality connections are required. Recording studios around the world rely on the Japanese manufacturer for safely transmitting their valuable signals through the entire chain from microphone to loudspeaker. Discerning audiophiles are equally happy to hook up their fine HiFi components with the accurate cables from the land of the rising sun.

The cooperation of Mogami and Lake People results in a comprehensive catalogue of connectivity solutions. From classic audio plugs like XLR, jack and RCA to adapters from one variant to another to special formats like DB25 multicores, Mogami has the ideal copper companion for every audio application. The used connectors are made by Neutrik. All of this ensures that the signal retains its original richness and transparency all the way from the source to the speaker.