Violectric HPA V550: high-quality headphone amplifier and preamp for absolute fidelity

Violectric HPA V550 front

Good headphones require good amplifiers. The Violectric HPA V550 is based on decades of experience in designing and building headphone amplifiers with clever circuitry and outstanding manufacture quality.

As the newest high-end headphone amplifier in the Violectric range, the HPA V550 marks the culmination point of analogue development for the Constance-based developer. In contrast with its siblings DHA V590 and DHA V380, the V550 does not feature digital-to-analogue conversion, focusing instead on excellent analogue circuits for the ultimate enjoyment of headphone listening. The PRO version replaces the volume potentiometer with a sophisticated reed relay circuit for absolute precision.

The Violectric HPA V550 features exceptional technology. The balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs provide a particularly clean, transparent signal. The circuitry works with high power and voltage levels while keeping noise to a minimum. The manufacture near Lake Constance is particularly famous for including the proprietary Pre Gain function, allowing for optimising levels to ideally support the specific type of driver used. Any model, any type of headphones is supplied with an ideal signal – even planar-magnetic driver systems. This technology also ensures the perfect use of the volume knob’s range of motion.

The Violectric HPA V550 can also pass the signal on to other devices. The back panel holds a pair of both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connectors that can be set pre or post volume control with a simple push of a button. Active speakers and power amplifiers can thus easily be fed through the V550. For absolute compatibility with other components, these outputs also feature seven-step level adjustment.

Apart from the large volume knob, the Violectric HPA V550 also features a balance control to adjust the playback to individual listening requirements. Sources can be connected through two sets of unbalanced RCA connectors or a pair of balanced XLR inputs. Maximising convenience, the included IR remote can be used to control all relevant features from source select to the motorised volume knob.

Violectric HPA V550 back

The Violectric HPA V550 is built by hand in the company’s own manufacture in Constance. Violectric uses only top-shelf components to suit the refined circuits. Both volume and balance are set via Alps RK 27 potentiometers – except in the PRO version, which employs a 256-step reed relay circuit for the volume. The black anodised housing is topped off by an 8-mm aluminium front plate. Special circuits protect the precious headphones from DC voltage and overload.

The Violectric HPA V550 is distributed by cma audio exclusively. It is available immediately. The MSRP is 2,399.00 euros for the HPA V550 and 2,999.00 euros for the HPA V550 PRO with reed relay volume control.