Your perfect control room in a snap

Dear Reality’s dearVR MONITOR creates the ideal monitoring environment – anywhere

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Have you always dreamt of having a good control room but shied away from the acoustic treatment required? Are you regularly mixing on the road or in various different studios? Or perhaps you already have the perfect setup for stereo monitoring but aren’t quite ready to invest in complex surround setups? Then dearVR MONITOR is for you. The latest plugin from Dear Reality, the expert in spatial audio software and innovative VR/AR solutions, brings the perfect control and mixing environment to any room – all you need is a pair of good headphones and your DAW.

dearVR MONITOR is an ideal solution for musicians that want to bring their recordings to the next level and for engineers and producers that need to work at varying locations or from home.

Christian Sander, co-CEO of Dear Reality, explains: “dearVR MONITOR combines an ideal virtual studio with the analytical advantages that good monitoring headphones offer. The plugin delivers an acoustic reference no matter where you are mixing.”

Co-CEO Achim Fell describes the guiding philosophy behind the software: “We felt it would not make sense to recreate famous real-world control rooms. As a sound professional, all you basically need is a monitoring environment you can rely on and feel comfortable with. And this is what the software accomplishes – removing limitations of poor room acoustics, creating a standardized mixing environment and enabling you to fully trust your ears.”

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dearVR MONITOR – The features

dearVR MONITOR offers a choice of five typical mixing environments. Once users have found their favorite, they are able to fine-tune the acoustics by adjusting Ambience (how much reflection should the room have, how vivid should it sound?) and Focus (immersive sound vs. localized sound source) based on the patented Clarity algorithm by Sennheiser AMBEO. Thus, the virtual control room and its acoustics can be matched perfectly to the users’ taste, making them feel at home – no matter where they are.

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Monitor any format with ease

dearVR MONITOR enables musicians and engineers to select between 32 common speaker setups – from stereo to 7.1.4 and 9.1.6 – and monitor them directly over headphones. Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to mix in 3D audio yet or hasn’t wanted to invest in multi-speaker setups can now experience the creativity and fun of working with immersive audio environments and produce these formats with confidence and accuracy.

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Integrated playback check

Here’s another scenario you may have experienced: An audio track sounds great when mixed but suddenly lacks impact when played back in a different environment. To remedy this – quite common – problem, dearVR MONITOR not only provides the consistent monitoring environment required for professional mixes but also allows users to check how their material would sound in typical listening environments. Dear Reality has created 11 of these typical environments, for example club or living room, so that users can be confident that their mix creates the same great impact no matter where listeners are enjoying the track.

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In the Output field, users can not only adjust the gain but also select their listening direction within the sound field by turning the virtual Head Rotation knob.

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The dearVR MONITOR plugin is available from November 10, 2020.