Novation tells the music makers to 'Remix. Recreate. Re-emerge.'

Novation Lord Apex

In Vauxhall Cross, London, currently adorning one of the largest placements inside the M25 is a pair of brightly backlit billboards featuring artists from Novation’s upcoming 'Made to Express' video series, which will soon be filling the internet airways. This will be a series of amazing, eclectic performances; combining original music with the work of visual collaborators – more on that to follow.

We want to support our music making community and customers, past present and future, and keep the conversation about what it is to be a creator in the current climate front of mind. So here we are, as a brand dedicated to creativity and a company dedicated to breaking down barriers, telling our customers to go ahead and make it. As a direct response to the UK government's recent 'Rethink. Reskill. Reboot'. campaign, these billboards represent a direct call to action, and we hope you’ll join us in firing that conversation up.

We can't wait to show you the performances we've spent the last few weeks making as part of this, but for now, see images of artists Lord Apex and Ikonika light up Vauxhall Cross telling Londoners to Remix, Recreate and Re-emerge.