Violectric DHA V380: high-quality headphone amplifier with DA conversion and 32-bit resampling

Violectric DHA V380

Violectric is well-known for providing high-quality audio devices to satisfy the highest standards and introducing innovative features. The converters and headphone amplifiers from the HiFi manufacture located near Lake Constance impress with their outstanding sound quality and have become somewhat of an insider tip among experts. The DHA V380 continues the tradition of quality with excellent DA conversion and 32-bit resampling.

The Violectric DHA V380 is an audiophile listening system including a converter with a resampling/reclocking unit that eliminates jitter almost entirely. Combined with a large number of connection capabilities and the corresponding switching options, the V380 becomes the centrepiece of an outstanding audio setup. It can output the signal to multiple headphones: one true balanced and two unbalanced connectors are available on the front. In order to be able to drive every variant of headphones perfectly, the backside contains the Pre-Gain function that adjusts the levels to the type of headphones used. The front panel holds the large volume knob, the headphone connectors and a set of solid toggle switches for selecting source, output and resampling.

Violectric V380 Back 3

Two 32-bit AKM 4490 DACs in dual mono configuration handle the translation of digital input to analogue output in the Violectric DHA V380. The converter accepts digital audio of various formats up to 384 kHz PCM and DSD-over-PCM (DoP). For optimum results, the V380 offers an option for conditioning the digital signal. The 32-bit resampler/reclocker employs an extremely precise clock, eliminating jitter almost entirely and achieving a particularly fine resolution without artefacts.

Its versatile range of connectors adds a great amount of flexibility to the Violectric DHA V380. Digital signals can be fed to the device through coaxial, optical and USB inputs, the latter of which is the connection for high-resolution PCM and DSD. There is also the possibility for two analogue sound sources via RCA connectors. The various inputs and outputs are selected with toggle switches on the front panel. In addition to the headphone outputs on the front, the multifunctional device offers balanced and unbalanced line outputs that can be placed before or after the level knob.

In order to achieve the sonic accuracy Violectric is known for, all parts and components for the DHA V380 are carefully selected. AKM 4490 chipsets convert the digital input into analogue output. An Alps RK 27 in V200 technology sets the volume with eight transistors per channel for unbalanced headphones and 16 transistors per channel for balanced headphones. Additional circuits protect the device and connected headphones by preventing direct current or overload and by delaying on start-up. All these features are contained inside a black metal housing with a solid six-millimetre front plate.

The Violectric DHA V380 is distributed exclusively via cma audio and is available immediately. The MSRP is 2,199.00 euros.