CB Electronics introduces XPatch-64 with XPatch2 software

CB Electronics XPatch 64 Front

XPatch-64 is a 64x64 digitally controlled, fully analogue audio patch bay routing system for audio professionals and aimed at streamlining workflow in even the most demanding post or music studios. Design based on the XPatch-32.

After user feedback from the XPatch-32, we have now added to XPatch-32/64 a High Impedance I/P card option for guitar pedals, Instruments etc and a 5 pin DIN Midi I/P to allow snapshot selection from midi pedals.

CB Electronics XPatch 64 Rear

In any studio, the XPatch-64 can make it quick and easy to use your favorite new and legacy hardware effect’s units in your mix.

Once configured, XPatch-64 can operate independently of the XPatch2 program and host computer via the front panel encoder, 5 pin din midi input (PC Commands) or foot-switch. By switching between up to 128 snapshots, the foot-switch enables the XPatch-64 to be used as a powerful studio or live performance tool for musicians.

Features at a glance:

  • 64x64 Crosspoint routing
  • Zero crossing switching (“Click-less”)
  • Front Panel Headphone Monitoring
  • Create, store & recall routings (Snapshots, 128 in Unit)
  • Any input can connect to multiple outputs
  • Load and save predefined signal paths
  • OSX & Windows compatible software
  • 8 Channels of Metering
  • 5 Pin MIDI input (MIDI PC commands)
  • Gain control on every output & inputs 57-64
  • Unused I/O are muted to minimise crosstalk
  • Table/phone selection of Snapshots & paths with TouchOSC
  • High Impedance input for inputs 57-64

“My latest CB Electronics addition is the XPatch-32, picked it over the competition due to some key features not available elsewhere. The gain control was the biggest factor for me, and being able to do that in the box, wow! I have several vintage outboard that with this feature helps keep things in the “sweet spot”. As a stand-alone the front panel control is a very nice touch when on my remote gigs. I’m in broadcast so these features are integral for repeatability. This has made a huge impact on being spontaneous trying different recording and mixing chains.” - Philip Galaura, Studio Manager at Educational Media Foundation K-LOVE & Air1 Media Networks