SCHOEPS releases World's smallest modular microphone

Schoeps CMC1L minix

The microphone manufacturer Schoeps, in Karlsruhe, Germany, proudly presents the new Colette-series CMC 1 L microphone amplifier. When combined with an MK capsule, it forms the world’s smallest modular studio microphone.

The CMC 1 L is an even smaller version of the miniature CMC 1 U amplifier, which has already become one of the firm’s most successful products since its introduction last year. The further reduction in size has been achieved by using the same miniature Lemo connector as in Schoeps’ CCM series--the world’s smallest and lightest one-piece professional condenser microphones. By avoiding XLR connectors in the microphone and cable, both space and weight are spared, and the CMC 1 L now offers this level of miniaturization for the modular series as well. The CMC 1 L is just 25.5 mm long (1 inch) and weighs just 28 g (1 oz).

Schoeps CMC1L MK41 connected

The CMC 1 L has immediate access to a very large palette of accessories, being fully a part of the Colette series while also being compatible with the accessories of the CCM series. This will be especially welcomed by film and video sound recordists, who have often requested a way to use the CUT 60 filter together with an MK capsule and a miniature amplifier.

All three forms of CMC 1 are ideally suited for use on the concert stage as well as on a boom - and not only because of their small size. Their technical performance is fully the equal of the well-established CMC 6 amplifier, while their advanced electronic design has even allowed certain parameters to be improved. For example, in 48-Volt operation they can handle higher sound pressure levels than before (135 dB SPL with the MK 4 or MK 41 capsule) while consuming less current (2 mA). The 50% reduction in current consumption, the Schoeps “RFI Shield” which reliably suppresses radio-frequency interference, and the low output impedance which is completely constant across the frequency range, are features which particularly suit the CMC 1 for use with wireless microphone transmitters. It is the first miniaturized amplifier to embody all these important features.

The CMC 1 L is available now with Lemo-to-XLR adapter cable and miniature stand adapter at a list price of €729 ($919 US), as well as in other sets to be announced. The CMC 1 K version with attached cable will be available in early 2021.