sE Electronics Introduces the sE8 omni Pencil Condenser Microphone

sE8 omni

Based on the highly acclaimed sE8 cardioid pencil condenser, sE proudly offers an omnidirectional option. Featuring the very same, sophisticated capsule backplate design and true condenser technology, the sE8 omni provides an authentic and transparent sound quality second to none. Every pair is hand-crafted and carefully selected in our own factory to ensure the best possible performance. With the lowest noise and highest SPL capability in its class, the sE8 omni is the perfect choice for demanding applications like recording orchestras, ensembles and choirs but equally good for solo instruments, vocals and percussion.

"Yes, we did it again," says Siwei Zou, founder of sE Electronics. "Based on the fantastic sE8 cardioid microphone, we are very pleased to present the omni version. Hand-crafted with high attention to detail in sE's very own manufacturing department, the sE8 has already become the new standard among studio and live sound professionals. No matter if you are recording a famous orchestra in a concert hall or want to capture the power and liveliness of an enthusiastic drummer in the studio, the new sE8 omni delivers a pristine and stunning performance second to none."

In addition to its robust design, the sE8 omni includes two low-cut filters (switchable between 80Hz and 160Hz) and two attenuation pads (-10dB or -20dB), which help to prevent overloading a preamp or mixer, footfall noise or low-end rumble, and enable close miking techniques. The body is finished with the same new high-quality paint as sE’s latest microphones and the XLR connector is gold-plated for loss-free, reliable, and long-lasting use.

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The sE8 omni matched pair will arrive in stores worldwide November 2020, with a suggested retail price of $599 USD / €479 EUR. It comes complete with a precision-machined stereo mounting bar, two mic clips, two windscreens, and a sturdy flight case. Thomas Stubics, sE’s Product Manager, says, “developed together with the world's most renowned artists – this matched pair equals a performance that would normally set you back $3,000!”

Also offered as a capsule pair, the sE8 omni capsules will be available November 2020, with a suggested retail price of $239 USD / €239 EUR.