MD 300 from Gefell in the land of the Andes condor

Pictures: ASPAANDINA, CO. S.A.S.

Microtech Gefell Bogotá Colombia MD 300 Deckblatt

Microtech Gefell/MTG, as a subsidiary of Georg-Neumann KG, is well known for its tradition in the development and production of high-end handmade condenser microphones,

However, the Thuringian microphone manufacturer has even more to offer.
A series of dynamic microphones with special capsule solutions for broadcast, stage, as well as recordings of vocal or instrumental solists in live use is also interesting and appreciated worldwide.

In cooperation with MTL Mikrofontechnik Leipzig GmbH, which emerged from the VEB RFT Nachrichtenelektronik "Albert Norden", MTG has also been manufacturing moving-coil microphones in studio quality with dynamic large diaphragm capsules since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

A top result of this cooperation is the improved classical MD 300. With a newly developed, robust surface, the moving-coil microphone is optimised for broadcast applications.
A special matt black lacquer combines elegant, modern design with the tough requirements of daily studio use.

The impact sound damped internal capsule suspension reduces direct vibration transmission to the cardioid capsule. Weighing only 330 grams, the MD 300 can also be used on long microphone booms without overloading them. The design of the capsule has been carefully considered to provide a slight presence boost to optimise the frequency response for close talking.

Microtech Gefell ASPA MD 300 Columbien

The MD 300 is a high-quality dynamic microphone with a frequency response of the transmission factor that has been optimized for intelligibility.
It is featured with an especially accurate resolution at high frequencies and a well-balanced low-frequency transmission. It is insensitive to movements of the recorded sound source thanks to the cardioid polar pattern. The MD300 is useful as close-talking microphone for announcers of broadcasting services as well as for high-quality recordings of vocalists and instrumental soloists during live performances.

The frequency response has been optimized for low recording distances with an accentuation of approximately 2 dB between 2 kHz and 8 kHz to raise the speech and high-frequency presence. The change of the low end frequency response caused by the proximity effect is well-balanced without a very strong overemphasis at small microphone distances.

Radio and other speakers as well as vocal or instrumental soloists are often amazed at how detailed and natural a dynamic microphone can sound.

The legendary MD 300 is therefore also in use worldwide.

A brand new user example is the renowned radio station "Su Presencia Radio" in Bogotá. Installed by ASPA ANDINA, the Colombian engineering subsidiary of the Spanish ASPA S.L.U. as part of a turn-key project, the MD 300s show best results in daily radio use..

"Su Presencia Radio" is a unique station in its genre, musical and informative, with lots of journalists from recognized national and international media. The station reaches a wide audience through its many different productions, such as youth and family programmes, programmes on political topics. economy and finance to health.