LiquidSonics Announce Cinematic Rooms - Powerful Atmos Compatible Reverb

LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms Pro

The company behind the iconic Seventh Heaven and Lustrous Plates reverb plug-ins announce their latest reverb Cinematic Rooms, offering exquisite sounds, powerful tools and full Atmos compatibility.

Cinematic Rooms is a reverb dedicated to the intense acoustic demands of surround room simulation. Deep yet accessible; advanced surround workflow tools allow you to design intricate acoustic spaces of incredible purity with simplicity. Available in two editions, both support channel formats from stereo up to 7.1.6 for use with the latest Atmos bed workflows. With a wide selection of expertly designed presets and intuitive controls, Cinematic Rooms is designed to help you find a perfect space in no time at all.

LiquidSonics has been working with industry-leading audio professionals, including Alan Meyerson, Steve Genewick, Scott W Smith, and many more to ensure that Cinematic Rooms has the sound and features needed for the challenges of modern mixing environments.

At A Glance (Professional Edition)

  • Stereo, LCR, Quad, 5.1, 7.1 – 7.1.6
  • Surround plane parameter editing
  • Decay to 45 sec / infinity
  • Reverb and reflection roll-off
  • Advanced reverb contouring
  • Pre-delay with sync
  • Level monitoring
  • Surround / True Stereo / Multi-Mono Propagation Modes
  • Over 300 presets, including 50 post-production rooms
  • Reverb echo
  • Advanced reflection engine
  • Width control
  • Crossfeed disparity definition

Cinematic Rooms comes in two editions - Professional and Standard.

For the most demanding score mixing and post-production workflows, the Professional edition is the ultimate room simulator combining the latest in modulated constant-density reverb technology with an interface tailored to the demands of modern surround production.

Cinematic Rooms Professional provides you with the tools you need to able to precisely control the reverb within the surround field. Optionally deviate parameters in the front, rear, side, centre or elevated planes relative to the master preset, for example:

  • Extend and filter the reverb tail in the sides and rears
  • Emphasise and widen reflections in the front and side channels
  • Apply a tempo-synced pre-delay and echo in the rears and elevations

As all surround plane deviations track the master controls any changes to the master preset immediately propagate throughout the space, and are clearly visible by the surround editing indicators beneath every parameter.

Advanced control of crossfeed allows you to accentuate or suppress the amount and character of reverb propagation into the surround space.

Unlike other surround reverbs that typically create a homogeneous wash of equal magnitude in all channels, Cinematic Rooms' crossfeed controls allow you glue the reverb to the source of the action whilst tracking panning very naturally with additional filtering, level and delay control.

Refined, simplified, but never acoustically compromised - the standard edition is ideal for rapid workflows, lower budgets and simpler music mixing projects from stereo up to 7.1.6 bed.

Sharing the same reverb and reflection engines as the professional edition, the standard edition of Cinematic Rooms creates a convincing, pure ambience around your sources by simulating sophisticated early auditory cues for a wide range of realistic environments.

"LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms is really a 'Next Level' surround reverb. There's so much density and depth! It’s also amazing in stereo on my record projects. Guaranteed part of my mix template now." - Alan Meyerson: Score Mixer - Dunkirk, The Lion King, The Greatest Showman, Inception, Blade Runner 2049

"I’m absolutely loving this reverb! It’s the first multichannel reverb I’ve come across that addresses my needs not only for film and TV score, but also my music-only Atmos projects. It went into my mix template right away." - Steve Genewick: Recording Engineer - Aerosmith, Michael Buble, Bob Dylan, Green Day, Queen

Available in the LiquidSonics Store with an introductory period throughout June.

Cinematic Rooms Professional $249 - normally $399 from July 1st 2020
Cinematic Rooms Standard $129 - normally $199 from July 1st 2020

Upgrade Standard to Professional for $120 - normally $200 from July 1st 2020.

Existing LiquidSonics customers can also use their store loyalty coupons in addition to these introductory prices.

An iLok 2/3 dongle, iLok local authorisation or iLok Cloud is required. Two activations are included with each license (both must be associated with the same iLok account). Each Cinematic Rooms Professional edition activation license will also unlock the Cinematic Rooms standard edition plug-in.
Technical Information

Cinematic Rooms supports all major 64-bit DAWs on Windows and macOS:

  • iLok 2/3, iLok local computer or iLok Cloud
  • 64-bit DAW
  • Windows 7 and above
  • OS X / macOS 10.9 and above
  • VST 2.4, VST3, Audio Unit and AAX Native plug-in format
  • 200 MB hard disk space is required
  • At least 8 GB of main memory is recommended
  • Modern quad-core (or higher) processors are recommended