Tonmeistertagung (tmt31) is postponed to 2021

Due to the current developments related to the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19), we, as the legal organizer of the Tonmeistertagung, have decided in close consultation with our "mother association", the VDT e.V., after long intensive discussions and a difficult weighing process associated with it, to postpone the implementation of the “Tonmeistertagung conference” until 2021.

The new date for the Tonmeistertagung:

November 3 -6, 2021 at the CCD Düsseldorf-Germany

This decision was not an easy one for everyone involved, because together we represent an industry that is particularly badly affected by the corona crisis. With this year's Tonmeistertagung, we wanted to send a positive signal, but there is no serious planning certainty for the exhibitors, nor for all involved partners and participants in the coming weeks. We cannot currently assess how the crisis will develop and whether we are not at risk of a sec-ond wave of infection. There are still numerous risks and uncertainties that remain unmanageable.

ven if the implementation of the TMT should be officially permitted in October of this year, this would only be subject to strict conditions and intensive measures to ensure health. These measures to protect our participants and the safety of our customers have top priority, but the health risks simply remain too great to be able to net-work, discuss and exchange ideas on an interpersonal basis.

At this point in time, this decision is, in our view, responsible and correct under the rapidly changing corona situation. The measures for health security intensified by the Robert Koch Institute for the organization of large events would be difficult to implement despite the planned, increased information, hygiene and disinfection measures and the possibility of quarantine zones and the increase in the number of medical staff on site -and moreover, it entails immense additional costs.

n addition, the possibility of traceability of contact persons at trade fairs, congresses or larger events is extremely difficult and, under unfavorable conditions, it can be transferred to many people.

We assume that the situation will calm down in the coming months and that the Tonmeistertagung (TMT) will be carried out safely and without restrictions in the coming year at the latest. This is however also a great opportunity to successfully position TMT next year under better conditions and with more preparation time.

Nevertheless, this decision should not mean a stagnancy. On the contrary, the postponement of the TMT is to be used internally to use the coming weeks and months creatively.

We are currently seriously considering whether and under what conditions a small virtual replacement event will be possible to be held on the originally planned date in October 2020. We are also considering that way the active participation of companies from the industry.

In addition, there should be a planning of other, smaller activities, so that a large number of other events that we are planning could be carried out immediately after a legal release. After all, we know that stagnancy is always a step backward.

There are already some ideas for both topics, but of course we are also very interested in getting to know suggestions and ideas from your side and taking them into account.

At this point we would like to thank our media partners for the cooperation. And we sincerely hope that you will understand our decision and that we can start a unburdened future together, as soon as possible.