Immersive Audio Round Table With Sennheiser


On May 19 the Sennheiser SoundAcademy will be discussing one of the hot topics of the day – immersive audio: Sennheiser hosts David Missall and Brian Walker have invited Leslie Ann Jones, Michael Romanowski, Steve Genewick, Jim Anderson and Ulrike Anderson to speak about this exciting area. The five industry experts will discuss their approach to recording, mixing and mastering the immersive sound experience, and share their views on how immersive audio can help open up new creative possibilities and connect listeners more intimately with music. Please note the new changed timing for this webinar: It will take place at 19:30 CEST (13:30 EST). Registrations are now open.

Sennheiser Immersive Audio Roundtable Panellists

The panellists of the Immersive Audio Round Table: Leslie Ann Jones, Michael Romanowski, Steve Genewick, Jim Anderson and Ulrike Anderson (from left to right)

More about the panellists

Leslie Ann Jones, Lucasfilm

Leslie Ann is a multiple Grammy Award-winning recording engineer working as Director of Music Recording and Scoring at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm, Ltd. company.

Michael Romanowski, Coast Mastering

Michael is a Grammy nominated mastering engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is owner and chief mastering engineer at Coast Mastering.

Steve Genewick, Capitol Studios

Three-time Grammy nominated recording engineer working as a staff engineer at Capitol Studios since 1994.

Jim Anderson

Jim is an internationally recognized recording engineer and producer of acoustic music for the recording, radio, television, and film industries. His music recordings have received eleven Grammy and Latin Grammy awards and 27 Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations.

Ulrike Anderson

Ulrike is a sound engineer and producer of acoustic music in the radio, television and recording industries. Her recordings have received multiple international nominations and awards: two Echo Klassik Awards, Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenindustrie, Ars Acoustica, Diapason d’Or, a Grammy Nomination and many others.

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