A current feature from Gefell - Studio hygiene in corona times and afterwards

Even if first loosenings of the pandemic lockdown are already foreseeable, Corona restrictions will accompany us for some more time. Hygiene in the studio is and remains the top priority. Even studio microphones and pop killers that are used by several people on a daily routine can be contaminated.

A tip from Gefell for protection against virus transmission in the studio area is the Håkan Pop Killer, specially developed by MTG's Swedish partner, (mikrofonen.se) which meets the highest acoustic and hygienic requirements.

Microtech Gefell have your own

Unlike other pop filters, the Håkan P110 Pop Killer can effectively prevent plosives (pops/cracking noises) and, at the same time, eliminate the audible coloration that other pop filters often display. It is extremely effective at eliminating pops without compromising the frequency response and character of the microphone.

The carefully selected, special foam is "hydrophobic". This means that the moisture in the breath is not absorbed by the foam and therefore does not remain on the filter, which optimally minimizes pops and discoloration.

Microtech Gefell Diagramm 1

At the same time the hydrophobic PopKiller has special hygienic properties.

The foam cushion of the Håkan Pop Killer is very easy to clean by hand with warm water (max. 70°C) and a mild liquid household detergent. If shaken briefly, the pad will dry very quickly.

Customer experience with use in pandemic times, e.g. in the studios of Swiss Radio and Television, shows that more intensive cleaning in the dishwasher or washing machine (e.g. corona washing at 60° delicates and the smallest spin cycle, later, after Corona, 40° delicates) is also possible. Thus the pad always remains hygienic and clean.

Another important advantage of the Pop Killer - each person has his or her own individual replacement pad, which is inexpensive and easily available

When a microphone is used by several people, each person can use their own foam pad, so there is no risk of transmitting viruses or germs to others via the pad.