Microtech Gefell - Corona crisis - We can master it

Microtech Gefell

The world is in Corona fever. Markets are collapsing. The fear of the pandemic and its after-effects is growing.

A challenge that the tradition-rich company Microtech Gefell is also taking up.

Tradition means to mobilize all forces in good and bad times, to remain a reliable partner for customers through flexibility and innovation.

In the more than 90 years of history, the company has been able to master more than one crisis.
Thanks to highly motivated employees and their innovative strength, the company defied the world economic crisis, world war bombs, the division of Germany, difficult post-war years in the East, expropriation, the Berlin Wall, the restrictions of a planned economy and economic chaos after its collapse.

In 1928, just one year before the great global economic crisis, the limited partnership Georg Neumann & Co. was founded in Berlin by Georg Neumann and Erich Rickmann.
The main idea behind the founding of this company was to manufacture microphones using the capacitive transducer principle in the future.
Despite the crisis, the CMV 3 with the legendary M7 capsule was the first condenser microphone in series production worldwide.

In 1933, the company participates in the "Große Deutsche Funkausstellung" and establishes its own agencies in England, France, America and India.

In 1936, the condenser microphone developed by Georg Neumann with the classic M 7 capsule, still manufactured in Gefell today, passes its first live test at the Olympic Games in Berlin.

In 1943, the company Georg Neumann & Co. sufferes severe fire and bomb damage in Berlin during the Second World War, whereupon the company headquarters were moved from Berlin to Gefell.

In 1945/46, as part of the division of Germany after World War II, Gefell is assigned to the Russian occupation zone and survives by manufacturing equipment for agriculture and household goods.

There is no longer a market for microphone manufacturing Nevertheless, the first microphones can be produced using metal from an aircraft wreck.

In 1947, Georg Neumann GmbH was founded as the Berlin second foundation of Georg Neumann. The limited partnership Georg Neumann & Co. Remains in Gefell and manufactures, among other things, the CMV 4 condenser microphones with M 7 capsule and CMV 5/B.

In 1950, the development and manufacture of acoustic measurement technology, especially condenser measurement microphones, which had begun in the 1930s, is intensified.

In 1956, by decision of the then GDR administration, the company became a state-owned enterprise. The company had to accept nationalisation, as it would otherwise have been excluded from the supply of materials.

In the 1950s, the CMV 563 tube microphone preamplifier and the UM 57 tube condenser microphone were developed in connection with the reconstruction of the broadcasting corporations.

In the 1960s to 1980s, the range of high-quality studio microphones was greatly expanded in close cooperation with the broadcasting corporations of the time.

In 1961 the division of Berlin was sealed with the construction of the Wall, and Gefell once again stood at a crossroads.
The limited partnership Georg Neumann & Co. in Gefell is forced by state constraints to break off the fruitful communication with Georg Neumann GmbH in Berlin that has been practiced to date.

1972: The limited partnership Georg Neumann & Co. in Gefell is expropriated and renamed VEB Mikrofontechnik Gefell with the trademark RFT.

1989 to 1992 - The Berlin Wall falls. Gefell is managed by the Treuhandanstalt with the aim of reprivatisation. The main markets in Eastern Europe collapse as a result of monetary union. There is a danger of ruin for employees and the company. Courageously, the expropriated Georg Neumann & Co. KG courageously requests the return of the company.

In 1993, the limited partnership Georg Neumann & Co. regains its former business under the new name Georg Neumann KG, which it has since managed under the name Microtech Gefell GmbH and still successfully sells High-End studio- and measurement microphones aswell as acoustic systems worldwide.

Conclusion: Crises come and go - Microtech Geflell remains loyal to its customers