Hands-on delay with an analog flavor. Audio plugin for Mac and PC.

BABY Audio Comeback Kid Interface Dark

Of all the essential mix tools, the delay may be the most creatively satisfying. So we asked ourselves: Could we take one of our favorite effects and give it an upgrade?

We set out to develop our vision for a warmer sounding, more inspiring delay plugin: One that lets you design your own delay sounds through a versatile selection of onboard flavoring tools. Easily and intuitively.

Comeback Kid includes everything you'd expect from a new go-to delay — plus some unexpected extras.

Delays that work in your flavor

Inspired by our Super VHS plugin, Comeback Kid offers a flexible palette of one-knob effects to take full control of your delay signal. And with no sub-menus or hidden features, everything you need is right in front of you. Even some inspiration:

The plugin comes loaded with 61 presets created by friends of BABY Audio - including:

  • Mick Schultz: Grammy Nominated, Multi-Platinum, producer for Rihanna, Jeremih etc.
  • Anthony Saffery: Billboard #1 engineer for Portugal. The Man, Dirty Vegas, Cornershop etc.

Mac & PC, VST, VST3, AU and AAX, 64-bit and 32-bit. Compatible with all major DAWs.

Delay Engine:

BPM-synced modes: Straight, dotted, triplet. Free mode: 0.01 ms - 2500 ms. Ping-Pong option.

Wet Signal Processing:
  • Lo-Cut + Hi-Cut: Tame your delays with analog modeled filters.
  • Attack + Sustain: Sculpt your delays with flexible transient designers.
  • Cheap: Degrade you delays with a custom 11-bit signal path — modeled after vintage digital units.
  • Tape: Warm-up your delays with analog-style tape saturation.
  • Swirl: Add movement to your delays with an analog modeled phaser.
  • Sauce: Add space to your delays with a touch of algorithmic reverb.
  • Wider: Widen your delays through L/R time variations.
  • Richer: Add dimension to your delays through L/R pitch variations.
  • Pan: Place your delays in the stereo image.
  • Mono: Turn your delays into mono.
  • Ducker: Lower your delays when the dry signal is playing — for a cleaner, more modern sound.
  • Destiny: Leave your delays to destiny — for a less robotic, more human and unpredictable vibe.
OFF Mode:

Disable the delay engine by double clicking the logo. This lets you use CK as a powerful Multi-FX.

  • Resizable screen display.
  • ‘Dark’ and ‘Light’ color schemes available.