Squarp Rample

Eurorack 4-voice sample player & audio processor


Squarp - developers of Hermod and Pyramid sequencers - announcing a new sampler system in Eurorack format. The modul is a 4 voice sampler with digital effects and following features:

  • 4-voice sample player
  • DAC (audio outputs): 16-bit 44100Hz (CD quality)
  • plays .wav files, organized as 'kits' inside the microSD card
  • up to 2600 kits (A0 to Z99)
  • no sample duration limit (can even plays several hours files)
  • each voice has a 5-effect rack: bitcrusher, pitch (6-pole interpolator), filter, freeze, drive and more parameters: level, sample start point, length, attack/decay and run mode
  • mute groups for each sample
  • multilayers: each voice can be “multi-sampled” with up to 12 samples
  • everything is controllable with the CV inputs or via midi in
  • microSD preloaded with artists kits
  • easy to create and import samples from the micro SD card
  • 4 Gate-Inputs
  • 4 assignable CV to modulate effects parameters (-5V to +5V)
  • ADC for CV inputs with 12-bit resolution
  • 1 midi in and thru (3.5mm jack)
  • 4 dedicated audio outputs (mono, DC-coupled, -5V to +5V)
  • 1 audio mix output (unplugged audio outputs are normalled to "mix" with volume control)
  • width: 14HP (up to 25mm in depth with power ribbon cable)
  • requires a ±12V eurorack supply
  • consume 190mA from the +12V rail and 40mA from the -12V rail