Pre-orders for analogvibes Tube Program Equalizer Complete Kit are open now

analogvibes Build Your Legends Series II Titelbild

After more than a year of searching, researching, having parts custom made & testing, analogvibes finally opened the pre-orders for their the Tube Program EQ Complete Kit. A faithful, detailed re-creation of the legendary Pultec EQP-1A for the DIY communitywith everything that’s needed to build a highest quality authentic replica of the famous passive tube Equalizer – all in one box.

And by authentic we mean: it’s not some sort-of kind-of clone like the many Pultec style EQs out there - it’s as close as one could ever get to a real Pultec EQP-1A without breaking the bank.

The list of included components is very impressive and pretty much speaks for itself (just an excerpt):

  • custom made transformers - technically identical to the vintage Triad HS56, HS29 and Peerless S217D - same dimensions, same footprint, same pin layout,
  • custom made inductor following original specification - even potted in bees wax just like in vintage units,
  • custom made pots with the same modified log curves as vintage Allen & Bradley pots used in original Pultecs
  • original Pultec Bypass switches - reissue made by Switchcraft specifically for analogvibes
  • first 100 kits will even come with vintage original Pultec Bypass switches
  • custom made high-end rotary switches made by Blore-Edwards (supplier for Neve)
  • custom made filter capacitors by audiophile cap maker Mundorf in Germany
  • original Dakaware knobs

And of course it all comes along with a high quality chassis that is made in Germany as per original specifications in every aspect. Absolutely remarkable! If that wasn’t enough analogvibes released a series of video tutorials and e-papers for free, explaining how this amazing equalizer actually works - in every detail, what it does and of course how to build one.

And last but not least the purchase of the Tube Program Equalizer Complete Kit also includes an extensive building guide with hundreds of pics and every step explained as well as a wiring layout that shows how exactly everything is wired up - again following original specs of vintage units.