Eventide Releases Rose Delay Pedal v3.0 and New Pedal Management Software

DeviceManager Rose small

The perfect hybrid of analog and digital, the Rose pedal offers reverse delays, slapback, chorus and everything in between. It features five different modulation sources, delay multiplier, phase invert/reverse, customizable presets, true analog dry path, MIDI, and three button AUX/Expression switching for ultimate versatility on stage or in the studio. Now, with v3.0, Rose capabilities offers five banks of five presets for a total of 25 (and comes with 25 factory presets), Tap Division selection (quarter, eighth, dotted eighth, triplet), MIDI lock Receive, MIDI Tap Tempo, Envelope Off Mode, Kill-Dry Mode, and Expression now supports single switch (TS) aux switches as well as 3-button (TRS) switches.

Eventide Device Manager (EDM)

Replacing the Eventide Direct software updater for its pedal line, the new Eventide Device Manager (EDM) performs software updates for all Eventide pedals. EDM also provides setting and preset management for the Rose Pedal (which is not supported by H9 Control), allowing backup and restore of the entire device state. EDM provides direct access to all functionality of the Rose pedal, demystifying the plethora of available features with the ability to continuously send changes to the pedal to facilitate auditioning and experimentation with different sounds. With EDM, presets can be edited and saved on the fly and backed up and loaded with ease.