Eventide Unveils Pro Tools Integration for H9000 Multi-Effects Processor

The H9000 Pro Tools|Expansion Card has two H9000 setup menu selectable modes of operation – 32-channels In/Out (primary port only) or 16-channels (primary port) + 16-channels pass-thru to secondary port (for connecting other HD devices). Within Pro Tools, the H9000 appears as an HD I/O device (16 or 32 channels, depending on the selected mode). Digital sync selection options are Internal, (Loop Sync Master), Word-clock, Loop Sync, AES, SPDIF, and OPTICAL. As with other HD devices interfaced Pro Tools, H9000 sample rate is controlled by Pro Tools. 16 x 16 analog I/O can be enabled with Pro Tools display of analog gain control levels (but not control). Pro Tools automatic latency compensation for signals processed in the H9000 based on Avid HD I/O specs.