Auralex Acoustics Updates MetroFusor Wall-Mount Diffusor

MetroFusor Charcoal (1)

Auralex Acoustics, Inc. announce an updated version of their popular MetroFusor – a highly effective and affordable acoustic diffusion device that can be easily wall mounted with the Auralex EZ-Stick Pro peel & stick tabs or Tubetak Pro liquid adhesive (not included). The updated version contains a new, more durable finish and is available in 2-foot-by-2-foot panels.

Diffusion scatters sound evenly, so that harsh reflections are minimized without reducing the amount of acoustical energy in the room. Adding diffusion to a room will control sound energy without making the room sound too “dry” or “dead.” MetroFusors introduce surfaces of varying, scientifically-designed shapes, sizes and angles so as to evenly spread the sound in three dimensions. MetroFusors are an excellent tool to take acoustical control of your room without removing the acoustical character that the room exhibits.

Additionally, Auralex expects to release a new version of its popular Q’Fusor in Q2 of 2020.