SPL Mercury – Mastering DA Converter

Mercury front red

Mercury is a stereo digital to analog converter that fulfills the highest demands both technologically and tonally. It is the first Mastering DA converter designed in 120V rail technology.

The mandatory low-pass filters that immediately follow the DA converter’s analog output are built in 120V rail technology. The filters are each optimized for PCM and for DSD playback. SPL refers to them as DLP120, which stands for dual low-pass filters in 120V technology. DLP120 significantly increases the dynamic range and headroom beyond the current benchmarks.

A total of seven digital inputs, two AES/EBU, two SPDIF, two TOSLINK as well as USB, can be connected to Mercury. Conversion is designed around AKM’s highly acclaimed Velvet-Sound converter technology that sports sampling rates of up to 768kHz, 32bit and Direct Stream Digital up to DSD4.

Mercury back

Mercury provides two sets of analog stereo outputs. One of which is fixed and can be calibrated to all common reference levels, the other provides an analog controllable output level, which makes Mercury a state-of-the-art monitor controller as well.

“Our customers have wished for a DAC that matches the undisputed performance of our 120V mastering series,” stated Hermann Gier, Managing Director at SPL. “They also requested hot keys to directly access each input and forgo bothersome menu navigation. We have taken their wishes to heart. The result is the new Mercury DAC.”

Recommended retail price is 2.499 € and the SPL Mercury is available now.