analogvibes is finally very close to finishing the long-awaited Tube Program Equalizer COMPLETE KIT

a faithful detailed re-creation of the legendary Pultec EQP-1A for the DIY community

analogvibes BYL Ser2

The rather young company analogvibes, based in Southern-Germany and founded by musician & producer Martin Zobel, has been creating quite some buzz lately. With their extremely intriguing concept of enabling musicians, engineers and producers around the world to build their own legendary classic studio gear, by providing extraordinary guides & instructions along with high quality, authentic enclosures, they make DIY more accessible to everybody.

Backed by an ever-growing community of almost 2000 members from over 30 countries Martin and his analogvibes crew now come up with their next project, bringing the idea of building legendary studio gear to the next level.

After more than a year of searching, researching, having parts custom made & testing analogvibes is about to finalize a complete kit with everything that’s needed to build a highest quality authentic re-creation of the famous passive tube Equalizer - all in one box.

pultec eqp1a

If that wasn’t enough, the release of the kit is accompanied with an analogvibes „Build Your Legend Series“. Meaning, as with other projects in the past, Martin Zobel has again created a ton of easy to understand and well visualized content that will make building this piece of gear almost as easy as painting by numbers. A modern and detailed wiring layout, an extensive building guide, video tutorials and more not only makes building such a piece of gear as accessible as never before, but also will take you as close as you could ever get to an original unit without spending a fortune.

The declared purpose of analogvibes is not only to provide the knowledge to enable more people  to build their own gear, but also to give them a solid understanding of how these pieces oflegendary gear actually work and what exactly they do. So music producers can unlock their full potential and create legendary sound again.