Harrison Consoles and Plugivery Distribution proudly announce the upcoming availability of Harrison Consoles' new AAX/AU/VST2/Linux compatible Plugin, AVA Spectral Compressor. Available through pro audio resellers worldwide, from November 22nd, 2019 at the introductory price of only $29 (List $89).

AVA-SC for short, is a dynamics processor that allows you to apply compression selectively across 18 frequency bands. These compression bands can either be spread out across the full range of the spectrum, or focused on a specific frequency range for more precise control.

The AVA Spectral Compressor includes the following features :

  • Master Threshold control
  • Frequency Range selection
  • Band Depth controls
  • Gain Reduction graph
  • Compressor Knee
  • Output Trim

The Depth sliders below the graph control the maximum amount of gain reduction that can be applied to the corresponding frequency bands determined by the current Range setting. The Range can be set to focus on specific areas along the frequency spectrum (Low, Mid, High, etc.), or it can be set to Full Range mode to allow control over the entire spectrum. The Threshold sets the input signal level where the overall compression begins to take effect. Additional controls include compressor Knee and output Trim.

Pricing & Availability: MSRP: $89. The AVA Spectral Compressor will be available at the Introductory price of $29, alongside all other AVA series plugins through Black Friday respectively: November 22nd - December 2nd, 2019. Harrison Consoles' plugins are available through all reputable pro audio resellers worldwide via Plugivery Distribution.