ROLI launches BLOCKS Studio Editions

SMK 5 press

ROLI today launches new editions of its award-winning BLOCKS with groundbreaking sounds and effects, innovative composition tools, and deeper integration with ROLI software and leading DAWS. Extensive upgrades make the new BLOCKS Studio Editions the most versatile MPE-based system for producers who want to create with more expression. Available from October 31, the new Studio Editions of the Lightpad Block, Seaboard Block and Songmaker Kit feature ROLI Studio , a desktop software suite that unlocks the full power of ROLI’s touch-responsive controllers. ROLI Studio includes ROLI Studio Drums, a plugin that lets beatmakers bend drum sounds with more expressivity than was ever possible before.

The new editions of ROLI’s award-winning BLOCKS are paired with ROLI Studio, a desktop software program that releases the full power of BLOCKS with cutting-edge sounds, innovative composition tools, the world’s first MPE drums engine, and deeper integration with leading DAWs

ROLI Studio software for the first time brings together the industry-leading sounds and effects from the ROLI software suite, all in one place. It also introduces ROLI Studio Drums, the world’s first MPE drums plugin.

Exclusive distribution by Sound Service GmbH. Price will be (MSRP) starting at 230 Euro and the availability will be November 2019.