Apogee Announces Clearmountain’s Domain PlugIn

Clearmountains Domain SS HOME full size press

Apogee is introducing Clearmountain’s Domain, a multi-effects plugin that reproduces legendary mixer, Bob Clearmountain’s personalized FX signal chain. The plugin simplifies Clearmountain’s very sophisticated and creative hardware routing, making it easier to emulate the cohesive spaces, expansive dimensions, and rich atmospheres his most celebrated mixes are known for.

Over decades of mixing hit songs, Clearmountain has developed a complex and personalized hardware FX signal chain for creating the imaginary soundscapes where musical elements each have their own space and dimension, but remain cohesive to the whole.

This FX signal chain involves an entire studio’s worth of hardware gear - live echo chambers, delays, harmonizers, de-essers, EQs and a large format SSL analog mixing console. And lots of patch cords…so many patch cords!

Reproducing this complicated interconnection of hardware using individual plugins in a DAW proved to be almost impossible. With Clearmountain’s Domain, it’s refreshingly simple to achieve Clearmountain’s results with a mere click on a preset.

Thanks to the Clearmountain’s Classic presets, you don’t need an Engineering degree to get started - instead, start with the awe-inspiring sounds you know and love from your favorite Clearmountain mix!

Bob has carefully created each preset based on specific instruments and processing from his extensive catalog of timeless hit mixes. Looking to nail the Bowie Let’s Dance snare sound? Simply load the Let’s Dance Snare Delay!

Earlier in his career, Clearmountain leaned heavily on physical rooms and chambers for realistic and unique reverb - for example, the custom designed echo chambers at his MixThis studios in Los Angeles

Once convolution reverb technology allowed him to “capture” the characteristics of his favorite rooms as digital impulse response files, he was free to use all his favorite spaces no matter their location.

With Clearmountain’s Domain, you now have access to these spaces, the very ones used on countless hit mixes.

Price (MSRP) 349 Euro, Availability ca. October 2019.