Waves Audio Introduces SoundGrid BR1

AVB-to-SoundGrid Bridge for PreSonus AVB Networks


Waves Audio introduces SoundGrid BR1, an AVB-to-SoundGrid bridge that adds real-time audio processing capabilities to AVB networks, for improved sound quality in AVB setups. SoundGrid BR1 currently supports PreSonus AVB networks.

SoundGrid BR1 allows you to integrate the power of Waves’ award-winning plugins into your AVB network. The BR1 is a rack-mountable unit that enables you to stream up to 64 audio channels between Waves SoundGrid and AVB protocols. It provides improved synchronization, audio processing at ultra-low latency, and reliability for switched Ethernet networks.

Suited for studio or live use, SoundGrid is an audio protocol for real-time audio processing and networking at near-zero latency. It gives you access to an impressive catalog of audio plugins that will enhance your sound production. From solving audio issues to adding vibe and character, introducing Waves plugins to your network will give your sound clarity, color and impact.

AVB Manager is included as a native app on Mac devices (macOS 10.10 or later) and on Windows devices through third party app at www.riedel.net.