Lake People G111 Headphone Amplifier

provides outstanding amplification for high-impedance, low-impedance and planar magnetic headphones

cma audio Lake People G111

The headphone amplifier G100 established the brand Lake People in the hifi market. The new headphone amplifier G111 continues the famous classic’s legacy and features outstanding sound in compact form.

With the G111, Lake People addresses the need of professional and private audio enthusiasts for a powerful, versatile and compact headphone amplifier. The clean and unadulterated playback through the amplifier circuit puts audio professionals in a position to assess and evaluate their material, which leads to quicker and better decisions. Private users benefit from the sheer sonic quality of the G111, resulting in an uncompromised music experience. The subjective sound impression has its roots in objective data: a linear frequency response from 5 Hz to 60 kHz (with 0.5 dB tolerance) and 129 dB dynamic range.

Different types of headphones require different qualities from the amplifier that drives them. Due to its special circuitry, the Lake People G111 can drive any type of headphones. It works with an unusually high internal operating voltage of 60 volts, enabling it to easily drive high-impedance headphones, while at the same time, the discreet power amplifiers offer plenty of output to feed low-impedance headphones and even planar magnetic drivers. The unique Pre Gain feature can adjust output levels in five steps to adapt the amplifier to the headphones. Audiophiles and demanding professionals can freely choose their preferred set of headphones, and a later change of mind does not necessitate a change of amplifier.

Lake People is known for its high-quality products, and the G111 continues this tradition. The main controller is an Alps RK 27 potentiometer, setting the volume with a comfortable feel. The oversized power supply with toroidal transformer ensures clean, low-distortion playback. The balanced XLR connectors and the unbalanced RCA connectors are gold-plated. The newly designed aluminium front panel features the power switch and the aforementioned volume control plus the two ¼ inch headphone jacks to drive two headphones simultaneously.

The headphone amplifier G111 by Lake People is available immediately in the colours silver and black. The MSRP is 499 Euros.