Africa @ MediaSoundHamburg

Senegalese band Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork, Kenya’s Eric Wainaina and Tanzania's Tofer Jaxx will take part at the AFRICAN NIGHT concert at the resonanzraum in Hamburg, Germany, on 10 August.

The show is part of the ninth edition of the MediaSoundHamburg international summer school, which runs from 9 to 18 August. The African artists' upcoming performances are a result of a partnership between Music In Africa's ACCES music conference and MediaSoundHamburg.

“It turned out that through the partnership with the Music In Africa Foundation, the African continent opened up for us," MediaSoundHamburg director Hans-Joachim Esser-Mamat told Music In Africa. "Through our participation at ACCES in Nairobi, Kenya, last November, we have made an incredible number of new contacts, and friendships have developed.

The same partnership saw a scholarship to the academy awarded to South African sound designer Rethabile Nyamate in 2018 and Alice Ragoi from Kenya in 2019.

“For the first time, a young sound designer from South Africa is taking part in our new three-month mentoring program,” Esser-Mamat said. "In addition to free participation in MediaSoundHamburg, the programme includes internships at various Hamburg institutions and companies. This year, we are again awarding a scholarship to a young African talent from the fields of film music, game music and sound design."The scholarship is worth €4 000 ($4 500) and includes free Media Sound Hamburg participation as well as accommodation, travel expenses and per diem.

Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork will also be part of a four-day MUSIC PRODUCTION WORKSHOP from 5 to 8 August, before the summer school begins. The workshop will give insight into music production and conclude with a public concert at the resonanzraum. Other workshop facilitators will be Thomas Görne and Made Indrayana from the Hamburg University of Applied Science. Musicians, composers, producers and sound engineers are invited to attend and learn about the effective usage of EQs, compressors, various effects in the mixing process, room acoustics, and mixing and mastering, among others.

On 11 August, Wainaina will lead a forum workshop where he will report about his musical work, primarily in the production of the popular TV series and musical Tinga Tinga Tales.