Zeigermann Audio to represent Aaton-Digital in Germany

The sound experts from Zeigermann_Audio in Hamburg are to represent Aaton-Digital in Germany.

Since 2013, Aaton-Digital has focussed on state of the art audio recorders and in 2014 launched the CantarX3, an award-winning product. The recorders focus on ergonomics and connectivity and, with their wide range of accessories, offer a unique ecosystem. Aaton is introducing a series of new features and accessories in early 2019.

Jacques Delacoux, President and Owner of Aaton-Digital: "With Zeigermann_Audio we have found a German partner with great expertise and experience in all areas of mobile audio recording including classical music and wild life sound recordings. In addition to film sound mixers, we want to inspire sound engineers to use our mobile audio recording products. We have developed a feature that records the movements of the fader during capture and saves them as metadata for ProTools™ or Pyramyx™. This will give us the opportunity to directly convey the automation metadata to post-production. “

Volker Zeigermann, Founder of Zeigerman_Audio: "The Aaton Cantar series has significantly expanded our portfolio in the field of multitrack recorders, and we are now able to offer our customers and distributors a premium recorder. The CantarX3 and CantarMini offer unique features such as Dante connection, simultaneous Rec & Play functions and wireless receiver remote control functions. We are in direct contact with the development department and able to establish a valuable connection between the user and the manufacturer."

A selection of Aaton-Digital products is already available for viewing and demonstration at Zeigermann_Audio.

Zeigermann_Audio will be present at 'Stage | Set | Scenery' June 18-20 2019 in Berlin with Aaton products, including the Hydra™ interface for connecting Wisycom, Lectrosonics Audio Limited or Sennheiser radio receivers.