RME adds macOS Support for Digiface AVB

RME's Digfiface AVB is a portable USB3 audio interface that connects Windows computers and their DAWs to AVB, an open audio network standard very popular in industrial applications, that gained more and more popularity also in the pro audio world.

A Mac computer supports AVB natively via its macOS. Therefore usually it should not be necessary to use a costly, external third party solution as AVB interface. For that reason RME released the Digiface AVB for Windows only.

Since its release RME has received numerous requests to make the Digiface AVB available on the Mac as well. Users wished the same ease of use as with any RME audio interface, including lowest latency and TotalMix, on their Macs - as the Digiface AVB delivers all this under Windows.

In the last months RME ported the RME AVB Controller to macOS, updated the family class USB driver to include network support, and updated the Digiface AVB firmware for Mac operation. After first tests by professional AVB companies and users RME is proud to announce the public release of Mac support for its Digiface AVB.

The Digiface AVB does not use the Mac's AVB implementation but RME's own, and gives access to AVB as a 128 channel USB3 audio interface, including TotalMix FX support (FX are not available).

System requirements:

  • The latest released driver 3.15 or up, including TotalMix FX and full support for the Digiface AVB.
  • Firmware version 203 or up.
  • RME's AVB controller to run and access the Digiface AVB.
  • Mac OS X 10.11 or up

Driver, firmware and AVB controller can be diownloaded from RME's website, section Downloads - USB.