Soundtheory Gulffoss Windows Now Availalbe

Soundtheory is now shipping the Windows version of their intelligent automatic EQ plugin, Gullfoss.

The Windows version requires iLok License manager to be installed.

Key Features

  • Automatic equalization in real-time, based on simple input parameters
  • Highly advanced computational auditory perception model makes objective processing decisions
  • Intelligently treats sound elements in the mix separately
  • Improves clarity, detail, spatiality, definition and presence
  • Eliminates annoying resonances and cancellations
  • Retains dynamics and reduces the need for multiband compression
  • Mixes translate much more consistently between listening environments
  • Improve your mixes by watching the real-time EQ graph display

Gullfoss Windows: $99 during the early access period (regular price $199). During early access, the Mac version of Gullfoss will sell for $159.