MARIAN Seraph AD8 for analogue and digital signals and Seraph D8-C for AES/EBU

cma audio PM MARIAN Seraph AD8 and Seraph D8 C

For more than 20 years, MARIAN has been developing audio cards. The German manufacturer now expands its extensive product portfolio with two new cards: Seraph D8-C as a successor to Seraph D8, and Seraph AD8 combining the features and strengths of A8 and D4.

German manufacturer MARIAN offers a large variety of high-quality audio cards for a lot of different applications. The Leipzig-based company’s portfolio holds a solution for every application from ADAT and AES/EBU to MADI. Through regular firmware and driver updates, the whole line up is always up to date. The two new cards Seraph AD8 and Seraph D8-C fit perfectly into the existing catalogue.

The MARIAN Seraph AD8 is a card with versatile connection options for a large number of modern applications. It marries eight analogue inputs and outputs with four digital AES/EBU interfaces in one single slot. The AES/EBU interfaces can be mounted to slot or sub d connectors. The eight AD/DA converters and the sample rate converters achieve excellent results and allow for 140 dB of signal dynamics. With up to 192 kHz and 32 bits of resolution, signals are transferred through the PCIe port at very high speeds.

The Seraph D8-C is the successor of the D8 and provides eight AES/EBU interfaces for a total of 32 channels digital audio through PCIe in only one slot – predecessor D8 required two slots. Like with the Seraph AD8, the AES/EBU connection can be established through slot or sub d connectors. In compliance with the high standards MARIAN sets for the quality of its products, only top-shelf components and the best sample rate converters are used. The Seraph D8-C also processes signals of up to 32 bits at 192 kHz and allows for 140 dB of dynamics, making it the perfect card for demanding applications requiring an all digital AES/EBU transmission.

Like every MARIAN audio card, Seraph AD8 and Seraph D8-C both are equipped with DSP processor “The BEAST”, providing an extensive latency-free mixing environment. At 56 channels and including mixing desk functionality like phase reverse and EQs for every channel, The BEAST is a complete virtual mixer. For optimizing sound quality, MARIAN employs a highly precise Clock with exceptionally low jitter that keeps its internal precision even when synched to external sources. Special MWX versions of MARIAN audio cards feature connectors for WordClock or Super Clock, providing full flexibility for synchronisation. The TDM SyncBus technology enables running up to four MARIAN audio cards in one single computer. The respective inputs and outputs are then used together, the clocks are synched.

MARIAN Seraph AD8 and Seraph D8-C are exclusively distributed by cma audio GmbH in Europe. They are available immediately. The MSRP are 809.00 euros for Seraph AD8 and 835.00 euros for Seraph D8-C.