Yamaha Highlights RIVAGE PM V3.0 Firmware Upgrade At ISE 2019

Yamaha's RIVAGE PM series digital mixing systems are receiving another significant upgrade, with ISE 2019 seeing the debut of RIVAGE PM V3.0.This firmware update adds a number of refinements, including the new DaNSe dynamic noise suppressor plug-in, Mix to Input routing and other workflow improvements.

Designed to improve speech clarity for theatrical and broadcast applications, DaNSe is an innovative new algorithm which learns the noise characteristics of a source and then automatically removes the noise without altering the sound of the intended voice or instrument.

Developed by K’s lab at the Yamaha Corporation in Japan, it effectively deals with noise picked up from air conditioning, moving lights and video screens. It will also help with unwanted bleed from cymbals into a live vocal mic, from traffic noise picked up by an outside broadcast and many other situations.

Mix to Input routing allows more flexible signal flows for sound engineers. For example, a monitor engineer can create a subgroup for drum compression, then route it back to an input and forward it to several IEM mixes. Alternatively, so-called ‘Stem’ mixes can be created for different orchestral instruments and choir mics, before sending them to effects and dynamics processors and creating a final mix.

Other new features of RIVAGE PM V3.0 include port names, where every I/O device, port and module card can be given a name which is visible on the console surface, following the input patching. This includes Dante device names and also all I/O ports in the TWINLANe fibre ring. When a RIVAGE PM10 can host over 2,000 mic pre-amps and even more outputs via dual TWINLANe rings and a Dante network, port names will make patching operations much easier.

An attenuator has also been added to the EQ section, allowing finer tuning of levels to compensate for EQ gain adjustments. This attenuator is also included in Theatre Mode, allowing the level to be adjusted and saved in the ‘Actor Library’, just in case a new actor is significantly louder or quieter than a previous actor playing the same role.
There are around 20 further improvements and shortcuts. Highlights of these include ‘Banks’ for Global Paste shortcuts; Meter Bridge view for Custom Fader Layers and DCA Assign presets in Theatre Mode. Insert Effect editing is also included in the updated RIVAGE PM StageMix iPad app.

Yamaha is exhibiting on stand 3-C112, Hall 3 at ISE2019. Sister company Yamaha Unified Communications is exhibiting on stand 11-F120/G120.