Ferrofish presents RemoteFish software and plug-ins for A32 and Pulse16

A32 Dante remote Software s

Ferrofish products are known for their extensive functionality. The new RemoteFish software and additional plug-ins open up even more possibilities for the different converters of the A32 and Pulse16 family. The remote allows configuration via computer, the plug-ins add functionality to the interface.

The free RemoteFish software for Ferrofish A32 and Pulse16 converters allows for comfortable configuration of all device settings with keyboard and mouse. The software provides convenient control, especially when the converters are hard to reach because they are integrated into racks or separate rooms. The device is simply connected to the computer through MIDI, USB or MIDI-over-MADI; an option for controlling the converters over a Dante network is currently in preparation and will follow soon. Parameters like clock source and sampling frequency when used as master device can easily be set with the software. It is also possible to adjust levels, monitor the status of each Dante channel and load DSP plug-ins.

The Ferrofish RemoteFish software control options go beyond basic settings of the A32 and Pulse16 converters and also encompass mix and routing functions. The mixer enables merging all analogue and digital inputs and outputs and routing the resulting mix to the headphone output. A mix can be saved to one of seven preset memory slots for easy recall. Even the vast amount of analogue and digital connections provided by the Ferrofish interfaces can be conveniently routed and monitored. Settings can be saved to six preset slots, making it possible to prepare setups beforehand and simply load them up on location. Presets can also be recalled in operation by a simple button press.

A32 and A32 DANTE offer a Sharc® DSP to process plug-ins. Ferrofish now introduces the first two available extensions. Video Clock allows for sending a special clocking signal through the BNC connector for synchronising video applications, offering 12 different frequencies. The second extension is the Mixer plug-in, enabling routing one of the six internal sub mixes to an analogue stereo output instead of the headphone jack. This plug-in turns the A32 and A32 DANTE into ultra compact mixers compatible with a large number of input signals – a feature particularly powerful when combined with the RemoteFish software. Ferrofish provides trial periods for both plug-ins through temporary serial numbers.

Attendees of Tonmeistertagung from 14th to 17th November in Congress-Centrum Nord in Cologne find Ferrofish at the cma audio booth B-08. The developers exhibit the RemoteFish software and compact converter Pulse16 DX.