Niimbus US 4 and US 4+: high-end headphone amplifiers for ultimate musical performance

Niimbus US4 PM Bild

After years of development, high-end brand Niimbus presents headphone amplifiers US 4 and US 4+. With a large number of connection options, careful selection of components, high-quality fabrication and excellent sound, the Ultimate Series represents the top of audio technology. The US 4 employs a high-quality potentiometer for level calibration, while the US 4+ uses complex relay circuitry that can be remote controlled. Connections for both balanced and unbalanced headphones and multiple sources complement the feature set. From the elegant design to their excellent sound, Niimbus US 4 and US 4+ play in a league of their own.

Listening to music over headphones is particularly delicate, bringing out a performance’s most subtle details. Consequently, the electronics involved in the processing of a headphone signal are of utmost importance. New brand Niimbus presents its headphone amplifiers US 4 and US 4+ to demonstrate what is possible when you do not compromise.

Niimbus equals impeccable high-end sound without compromise. With the Ultimate Series and its two models US 4 and US 4+, the brand makes an impressive debut. Every electronic component is carefully selected, every part of the analogue circuitry finely tuned to the last detail. That is how Niimbus headphone amplifiers achieve their outstanding sonic quality with unsurpassed clarity and transparency. In addition to their flawless sound, US 4 and US 4+ are equipped with a comprehensive set of features.

The Niimbus Ultimate Series headphone amplifiers output their high-quality signal to three headphone connectors: one balanced connection with four-pin XLR and two unbalanced ¼-inch TRS jacks. The pre-gain feature allows for level adjustments to suit the respective headphones. Unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR connectors enable relaying the input signal to additional hifi peripherals. The Niimbus US 4 accepts audio input via unbalanced RCA sockets or balanced XLR. Inputs and outputs are activated at the back of the device. Level adjustments are made through a high-quality potentiometer as used in top-of-the-range Violectric products.

At the top of the Niimbus Ultimate Series is the US 4+, offering some additions to the already opulent feature set of the US 4. Volume level is not controlled with a classic potentiometer, but through a sophisticated relay circuitry with 256 steps of 0.4 dB each, with very quiet operation due to the use of reed relays. The entirely analogue signal chain is controlled digitally in the US 4+ and can be remote controlled. A potentiometer is employed in the US 4+ to set the balance. The US 4+ places the input and output selection on its front and features an additional unbalanced stereo input.

Perfection cannot be achieved overnight – the development of Niimbus US 4 and US 4+ took years. The developers drew from their more than 30 years of know-how with Lake People and Violectric to make the Ultimate Series a one-of-a-kind sound experience. As a result, the two headphone amplifiers provide the best possible sound quality, using components tuned to perfection in their smartly designed analogue circuits. An oversized power supply ensures more than sufficient power at any time.

With outstanding craftsmanship and a distinguished design, experiencing music with Niimbus becomes a treat for all senses. The anodised black front panels are made from 10 mm thick blasted and brushed aluminium. Illuminated details around the volume knobs set a visual highlight that can be dimmed in the US 4+.