Lake People presents G100-W headphone amplifier

 G100 W Profil 2

Phone Amp G100-W by Lake People is a reissue of a true classic. The G-100 was the first Lake People product to broadly appeal to hifi users. The Constance-based manufacturer now reissues the G100-W in a limited edition, offering a new possibility to acquire this coveted headphone amp legend.

Headphone amplifier G100 marked a special achievement for Lake People: a product that proved to be popular in professional environments as well as music lovers’ listening rooms. On the grounds of this success it became an ancestor for the hifi and high-end devices from Lake People and Violectric. Essential to this success is its sonic prowess, presenting music and other audio signals with a clarity and transparency that amazes both audio professionals and hifi enthusiasts to this day. Lake People now reissues the G100-W in a limited edition to respond to the high demand for this classic and to offer a chance to purchase the compact sound prodigy again.

One of the key strengths of the Lake People G100-W is its versatility. Its exceptionally high internal voltage of 60 volts makes it perfect for driving high-impedance headphones. The generous discreet power amps also provide lots of output power, allowing for optimal performance with low-impedance headphones and planar magnetic designs as well. The Lake People G100-W thus makes it possible to freely choose a favourite pair of headphones regardless of driver technology. To perfectly adapt the amp to the cans of choice, the pre-gain function enables a five step level adjustment to reduce the power for a more comfortable use of the volume knob, or to increase it to also cater to more power-hungry headphones.

The Lake People G100-W employs only high-quality components. Users recognize the pleasant feeling of the Alps RK 27 volume knob. The oversized power supply with toroidal transformer provides more than enough power for a clear and distortion-free reproduction of sound. As a result, the G100-W boasts outstanding technical data: A linear frequency response from 5 Hz to 60 kHz (at 0.5 dB tolerance) and 129 dB dynamic range are clear indicators of quality. Two 6.3 mm jack outputs (1/4 inch) grant connections for two sets of headphones. Gold-plated XLR connectors accept balanced input signals, equally gold-plated RCA connectors receive unbalanced input.

The headphone amplifier Phone Amp G100-W by Lake People is available immediately. The MSRP is 399.00 Euros.