Introducing the new TC1210 and TC8210


The new TC1210 is a thorough recreation of the iconic rack unit, the TC 1210 Spatial Expander + Stereo Chorus Flanger, known by guitarists and sound engineers as a sort of magic wand of tone with its crazy stereo expansion capabilities and dual-engine modulation.

To make sure the sound, versatility and tone is on par, we had a group of studio pros and long-time 1210 users including Tony Maserati participate in the development alongside our in-house team.

The new module on the block, our TC8210 is an all-new design based on the classic TC reverb philosophy of natural and transparent air.

If you've ever fed sound through a System 6000 or any of our Hall of Fame guitar pedals, you know what this means: pure, airy bliss!

The TC8210 will be familiar in tone and character to many, but comes with even denser tails, better diffusion and refined room impressions, that make the reverb sit great in the mix.

TC1210-DT: app. US$ 200, available: Q4 2018
TC8210-DT: app US$ 100, available: Q4 2018